We already have too much to worry about, like the pandemic.

That and the lack of respect for the Constitution of Kenya promulgated 10 years ago the day after tomorrow.

Wait, that doesn’t sound right.

Excuse my English.

The Katiba is 10 years old on Thursday the 27th of August. I’d say, we have little to show for it as Kenyans. Yet before we can all fully understand the power #WeThePeople have, some politicians are calling for a referendum. How do you change something that you haven’t tried to fully implement it?

Why spend more billions in making laws that will only sit pretty in shelves?

As we reflect on #KatibaAt10, I guess there are so many challenges(and excuses) as to why we are not where we should be as a country, but one thing we must all remember is that implementation of the constitution is not an option. Rather an obligation, one that we must hold ourselves accountable to.

Katiba ni ya Kutekelezwa!

The Constitution of Kenya is for all of us, to read, understand and uphold.

And for all of us called to it, or who have called ourselves to this very difficult but needed social justice work, I hope you get the courage to keep pushing for better, to keep educating, to keep speaking up! I hope these 10 years have brought more hope than before.

‘We are not free until all of us are free.’

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