International Women’s Day is a time to celebrate the achievements of women around the world and to recognize the progress that has been made toward gender equality. This year’s theme, Embrace Equity, calls on us to do more than just acknowledge the issues facing women today. It calls on us to take action, make real change, and build a future where women can truly thrive.

Equality is often seen as a goal to strive for, but it’s not always enough. Equality assumes that everyone starts from the same place and has the same needs. But in reality, people have different starting points and require different types of support to achieve success. This is where equity comes in.

Equity means acknowledging these differences and providing the necessary resources and support to level the playing field. It’s not about treating everyone the same, but rather, treating everyone in a way that recognizes and addresses their unique needs and circumstances. When it comes to gender equity, it’s about recognizing that women have historically faced barriers that have limited their opportunities and access to resources. It means recognizing that women have unique needs and experiences that must be addressed if we are to create a society that truly values and empowers them.

Embracing equity means taking action to create a more inclusive and just society. It means recognizing that gender equality isn’t just a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have. It’s not just about giving women equal opportunities, but about creating an environment where they can fully thrive. 

Embracing equity also means recognizing the role that men have to play in creating a more just and equal world. Men must be willing to listen, learn, and take action to create a society that works for everyone. They must be willing to challenge toxic masculinity and support the women in their lives in achieving their full potential.

So, this International Women’s Day, let’s celebrate the progress made towards gender equality, but let’s also recommit ourselves to embracing equity. Let’s work towards creating a society where everyone has the support and resources they need to succeed, regardless of their background or circumstances. And let’s remember that true inclusion and belonging require equitable action.

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