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What started as an idea of a young woman in Kenya is slowly growing into the largest network of peacebuilders and active citizens in the world. Beyond the lines is not just a blog, it is a movement and a platform for people to tell their stories. For a long time, we have allowed people who do not stand for human rights and social values tell the stories for us. They have disrupted our cultures, broken our relationships, caused violence and have led to unimaginable losses. We are who we say we are. We care about humanity, we respect diversity, we advocate for justice, equality and social inclusion. Beyond the lines believes that change can come from telling stories of ordinary people like me and you. Stories of change, stories of culture, stories that make us who we are.

Violent extremism is a social problem that affects everyone directly and indirectly. We look at it from a different lens, we understand that for us to win this, we need to win the hearts and minds of the largest population on earth; the young people. We seek to empower the minds of young people and free them from the ideologies of violent extremism. We want to inspire people to think, speak and act beyond the narratives of violent extremism through raising awareness on violent extremism as well as promoting active citizenship through alternative narratives.
We cannot do this alone. We need you to join the movement and support us in promoting peace and security in our communities. How can you do this?
Commit to peacebuilding and active citizenship through submitting your pledge, sharing stories of your community and country, volunteer to serve in the Beyond The Lines team as a writer, animator, illustrator, artist, developer, designer, photographer, videographer, researcher, member, community partner and country ambassador. There is no skill too trivial, there is no mind too small to change the world. Everyday we have a choice, to make or break our communities. What do you choose?


Get Involved and join us today in changing the narrative!

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come

Beyond the lines an initiative to help stop extremism and promote respect across lines of culture, religion, race, tradition, class, sexual orientation and gender.

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