Grassroots organising is key in achieving sustainable change as it strengthens community relations and encourages ownership. Community based organisations working entirely at the grassroots do such important work in providing immediate care and support to victims of injustices.
Sisters for Justice, is a Women’s only social justice centre in Mombasa working mostly in Kisauni to provide support to girls and women who fall victim to injustices such as gender based violence, domestic violence and even gang violence. This, in addition to conducting public education in the community on human rights, peace and security.
However, the biggest challenge for Sisters for Justice and many other grassroots organisations is inadequate resources to continue doing this work that they have selflessly committed to doing. Social justice centres are community led and driven and as such rely heavily on individual support as formal structured fundraising is quite inaccessible.
Small donors like you and I can support this work with whichever resources you have; from office equipment to supporting their logistical costs. Most grassroot organisations are run and managed by volunteers who also struggle with their socio-economic needs. You would be surprised at the significant change your small contribution can do.
Serving in the Advisory Board for Sisters for Justice is a privilege as it constantly reminds me of the difficult realities of girls and women in Mombasa and other parts of this country as well as how our individual and collective actions can make or break a peaceful society.
Far from equal opportunity for women, we are which is why through your support, organisations like Sisters for Justice can change these difficult realities.
Educate and Protect our Women✊🏾

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