The Commission on Status of Women will take place from 15th – 26th March 2021. Because of the pandemic, the sessions will be held mostly virtually. You know what that means? Many more young people can participate in the sessions.

Hold up…do you know what the commission on status of women is?

Well, I learnt about the CSW65 this year, thanks to my fellowship at Global Network of Women Peacebuilders. I cannot believe these sessions have been held every single year for decades without our participation, me and you. But you know what? That is about to change.

This year, we are bringing our voices to the CSW 65 and to ensure that happens we need to understand what it is and how we can engage.

What is the Commission on Status of Women?

It is the main global intergovernmental body exclusively dedicated to the promotion of gender equality and women’s empowerment. Member states, women’s rights organizations as well as UN entities gather to discuss the progress and gaps in implementing the 1995 Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action.

So what then is the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action?

It is some sort of blueprint for gender equality adopted in 1995 for advancing women and girls rights. During the 4th World Conference on Women, 189 governments, 17,000 individuals and 30,000 NGO activists worked on this document with agreed targets and commitments to ensure gender equity for all individuals. The CSW is convened every year to discuss the progress of implementing this document adopted in 1995.

Why is CSW important?

The CSW is important because it:

  • Promotes equality, development and peace.
  • Monitors the implementation of measures to promote the advancement of women
  • Identifies challenges and emerging issues
  • Formulates concrete policies to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment worldwide
  • Regularly reviews critical areas of concern in the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action

If you would like to influence the conclusions of this year’s CSW event please register and sign up for the events that are of interest to you or your network. You can participate in various ways including contributing during sessions, conducting advocacy media campaigns and if your organization is accredited by ECOSOC, you can deliver statements.

CSW event being held virtually is a challenge for many of those with internet connectivity challenges particularly activists from developing countries and rural communities. However, on the other hand it provides a unique opportunity to include many other voices who otherwise would not have been invited to the UN headquarters in New York to participate.

What are you waiting for? Sign up here for free.

Additionally, sign up for these sessions organized by the Global Network of Women Peacebuilders on different topics such as:

  1. Local Women and Youth Peacebuilders Demand to Participate in the Afghan Peace Process. Sign up here
  2. The power of Young Women to Lead: “Young Women’s Stores—Fostering Leadership” project report launch. Sign up here
  3. Advocating for peace during a pandemic: The impact of COVID-19 on WPS implementation in Eastern Europe, South Caucasus, Central Asia and Africa. Sign up here
  4. The pandemic will not stop us: Impact of COVID-19 on women peace activists in Colombia, the Philippines, South Sudan and Ukraine. Sign up here

Young people have the power to influence change. We cannot do it from outside, we need to be in decision making spaces, giving our opinions, criticizing bad leadership and recommending solutions. This is one of those opportunities to make a difference particularly in advancing gender equality.

Do not miss out and share it with your friends.

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