The Kenya General Elections 2022; Facts, Figures and Feelings

Regardless of whoever is President in Kenya, we must have a strong opposition. Both candidates are deeply problematic and, if left unchecked, can lead Kenya into a deeper hole. This is the time to strengthen civic education to transcend voting as the only means of political participation. 

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My First Time Voting in the Kenya General Elections

Let me tell you about my first time voting in the Kenya General Elections... I’ve lived long enough to vote twice in Kenya’s General Election. For my first time voting, I went with my father and siblings to the polling station. My father was political, he was a...

Make Blogging Cool Again – Writing to Inspire Social Justice, Peace and Sustainable Development

I have decided to keep writing…to inspire social justice, peace and sustainable development. A few weeks ago, I got into a very difficult situation professionally that made me look within myself for answers. Here’s the thing, I love to write even though I do not...

The Cost of Democracy; What will it take to conduct a general election during a pandemic?

This is our country. We must protect it at all costs. This is why as young people, we must continue to educate and mobilize so that we can change our country. And what better way than to register as a voter and #TakeItToThePoll.

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Not Yet Uhuru – Saba Saba Day 2021

This Saba Saba, we honor the lives lost in 1990 at the Saba Saba March. We honor every life lost in the hands of the police. We honor our freedom fighters.

Indeed, it is NOT YET UHURU. And the fight must go on. Do your part.

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Commonwealth Youth Council (CYC) – Wevyn’s Candidacy for Vice Chairperson Inclusion and Engagement

Wevyn promises to VIBE with us, all of us. To ensure we are all VISIBLE, to have all of us INCLUDED, to BUILD Synergies for us, fight for our EQUALITY, and promote SECURITY for us. No one will be left behind, get it now? Yes? No? Okay.

How can we help her get voted in? By sharing, posting, tweeting and reposting her work, her profile and manifesto so that the strength of her candidacy can be felt by the delegates. You can access her campaign materials here. I hereby take this chance to ask you to support her campaign in whatever way. A vote for Wevyn is a vote for grassroots youth to be represented.

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Solidarity, Rants and Hopes Of A Peacebuilder

We don’t want handouts or donations of the vaccine. We want dignity, we want to be treated as equal. We want the vaccine and that should not be dependent on our socioeconomic status or the power dynamics. We get it, you have more money than we do, we accepted that fact. Keep your money and your donations, let vaccines be available to all and for free.

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Youth Led Solutions to Community Challenges at the Coast of Kenya

Even as we work towards providing care and filling the gaps by the inefficiencies of a leadership that has forgotten its people, let us also remember that everything our communities struggle with; food, housing, water, security, education – All of these and more are our rights, not privileges guaranteed by our Constitution. And until we demand for what is ours, we can never be truly free!

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